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We are William Parkes Associates of Exchange Place 2, Edinburgh, EH3 8BL. We have been working online since the early days of 1998 when the Web was still in it's infancy; the home of serious minded researchers, newsgroups and Altavista!

Much has changed since then and now we are one of Scotland's foremost Internet companies, providing access and optimisation services to dozens of companies, both local and national. Perhaps we can assist yours, too?

One thing we must stress: we are developers, not insurers or insurance brokers. We cannot therefore assist in any way with insurance or other finance related queries, which should be directed to your own insurer or a properly qualified advisor. However, if you would like to contact us about our website (no we don't want any SEO quotes, and we neither buy nor sell links!) then the fastest way to contact us is by

* prudentplus.com specialise in pay-monthly car insurance and they show completely independent quotations!

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